I Can’t See

I Can't See (1)

“All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” – 1 Samuel 17: 47 (NIV)

Faith is the belief in things unseen.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible about faith is the story of Job. Job’s whole world fell apart. He lost everything, from his family to his wealth. He didn’t know why he was facing so many trials, nor did he know when or how it would end. However, Job loved the Lord in spite of his pain and never cursed Him. His faith was in God, and he believed that there was purpose behind his pain. – But, there is another story of faith about David and his victory against Goliath.

The story of David and Goliath is always referenced to when talking about courage, but there’s more to it than courage and facing a big obstacle (Goliath). Throughout 1 Samuel 17, David displayed his trust and faith in the Lord, even when others doubted his victory against Goliath. In 1 Samuel 17: 32-33 & 37, young David faced opposition and negativity when he said that he would kill Goliath. But David replied saying, “The Lord who rescued me from the claws of the lion and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine!” (37). Just like David, as children of God we have to remember that even when the world says that we can’t do something, that the odds are against us, or that there is no light at the end of our tunnel, we have to believe and declare that with God we can do anything (Philippians 4:13).

“So David triumphed over the Philistine with only a sling and a stone, for he had no sword.” – 1 Samuel 17:50 (NLT)

David had two weapons to win his fight against Goliath, and we have the same: our prayer and our praise. We pray and ask the Lord to help us get through our trying times, and we praise Him for all He has done, what He will do, and for who He is. When it comes to the things that we struggle with in life, we have to go to spiritual warfare. Our spirit is more powerful than we think. Our spirit affects our whole being, and it is important to build and strengthen it. As faithful people of God, we fight our giants with prayer and praise, being courageous in our battles despite the fact that we can’t see the battle’s purpose. — That is when our faith overrules our fear.

“Then David ran over and pulled Goliath’s sword from its sheath. David used it to kill him and cut off his head.” – 1 Samuel 15:51 (NLT)

What the enemy means for evil, God uses it for good (Genesis 50:20). Goliath planned on using his sword to kill David. But God, helped David win the battle and David used that same sword to slay Goliath. In the mist of going through trials in our lives, it’s very hard to see any positive outcomes. It’s hard for us to imagine God actually doing something great within us or around us, but the story of David and Goliath is proof  that the thing that the Enemy wants to use to kill us and ruin our lives can be the very thing makes us into the people God created us to be and change our lives for the better.

Nothing we face is too big or too small for the Lord. He never gives us anything we can’t bear, and if we rely on Him, we are sure to be victorious. It’s always a matter of Faith Over Fear. Will you trust Him even when you can’t see?

The apostles said to the Lord, “Show us how to increase our faith.” The Lord answered, “If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘May you be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ it would obey you! – Luke 17: 5&6 (NLT)

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40: 31 (NIV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)


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