The purpose of this blog is to be a transparent journal for the world to see. I’ll be talking about different things I go through in life and share different thoughts and revelations I have from God. I will be posting scriptures and inspirational messages on my blog, as well. I hope and pray that from sharing my stories that I am able to help other people who may be going through the same or a similar situation that I am going through. I pray that you, the reader, are blessed and encouraged from reading my words and the words God will give me to share..

(P.s. I’m completely open to comments, emails, and having conversations about my posts.)


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Transparency is ‘freeing & liberating’. Thank you for being so honest and open about your experience. You share a wealth of wisdom for your age. I pray that Yahweh continues to work, mightily in & through you. The Holy Spirit…let it do what it do, boo! You are such a blessing, to freely share the truth of God through your daily life. Love ya

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